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CEO Message

By the grace of Allah, Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) has been a manufacturer of steel products from 2000.The Company has been at its present location in Lahore for the past two decades. We have a production capacity of up-to 60000 metric ton per year. We hold sufficient inventories to provide “Just in time” deliveries. In an effort to serve more distant Boundaries.
It is through excellent and hardworking team which when formed played a booster-role in taking Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) forward.
In these modern times, it is the need of the hour for all businesses to keep in touch with the changing trends in technology and continue to evolve and modernize. Therefore, up-gradation and enhancement has always been a constant factor in the growth of our company. I have ensured that as Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) we continue to grow and acquire new state-of-the-art technologies, our timeless value of quality, integrity and trust remain at the forefront.
We are committed to transfer the benefits of iron and steel products to the mankind, we the Mazhar Steels believes in value addition and simultaneous development of human resources. Keeping pace with time to remain on top we take change as constant challenge.
Long Live Pakistan. Long Live Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd).
Mian Jamal Nasir
CEO, Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd)

Vision Statement

Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) is to to be a leading steel producer corporate entity which is recognized both at the industry level and national level.
Moreover, enhance sales, Quality and Customer satisfaction is our soul priority.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to manufacture the finest quality of Steel products and to provide services with exceptional value to our customers. Provide a pleasant and growthoriented environment to encourage our employees.

To meet the expectations of our customers in providing them with high quality, reliable and durable steel products, through product research, business process and information system improvement and up-gradation of technology.

Mazhar Steels Story

Mazhar Steels PVT (Ltd) has been in the steel industry from last 2 decades. It was founded by Ghulam Nasir (Late) and established by Haji Hafiz Mazhar-ud-din (Late) in 2000.

Mazhar Steels PVT (Ltd) products are a state of art in steel industry making highest quality of Ingot, Bala (Billet), Mold tank. Mazhar steels is integrated project in Pakistan with highly skilled Professionals and hardworking team with high spirit which makes it unique in steel industry.

We've Started With

5 ton high frequency furnace with thermostatic casting and ladle casting and further expansion has been done in 2017 by adding another 12 ton high frequency furnace along with CCM (continuous casting machine) which is a semi-automatic plant imported from India. Factory has modern setup with melting capacity induction furnace (5 ton & 12 ton).

Through these furnaces Mazhar steels pvt (Ltd) has a production capacity of up-to 60,000 metric ton per year.

We have two stands:

130*130mm  – 150*150mm – 100*100mm

Which are 5-9 meter in radius.

High gradation of automation enables us to produce international quality steel billets with different grades.

Grade 40 – Grade 60 – SR-24

We make all other special grades as per our client’s requirements.

The listing of billets based on checking the proper chemical composition through our 2 labs (wet lab and spectro automatic machine) which does the calculation about the quality of silico , magnese and ect in a billet for quality control ,quality assurance & customer satisfaction.

Moreover we use our own transportation to deliver the orders, to dispatch the produced billets, before dispatching we check different important key points must be accurate in billets and these are:

Length, Blow-Hole,  Pin-Hole & Rombodity. We also do a Random sampling while shipping order.

Our company is equipped with the experienced, dedication, technical knowledge and extensive approach to steel making that emphasis its priority of serving the nation.