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What Mazhar Steels Produce

Mazhar Steels Products

To date, Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) has gradually taken leading position in the production of high-performance structural and high-quality steel Products Bala(Billet), Ingot, Mold Tank.

The well-defined streamlined work process of Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) has enabled it to quickly process orders within the stipulated period.

Demand & Supply

Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) is producing Billets of different grades eg:  Grade 40, Grade 60, SR-24. Mazhar Steels is continously working on the better customer/consumers relationship by providing high qulaity products since 2000. Not only mentioned grades we also provide services on demand such as we build different more special grades as per requirements.

We Provide Different Grade Products on Demand, Any query contact us any time.

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