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Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) Quality Assurance Program endeavors Management commitment to seed Quality in all phases of its activities. The commitment begins from approaching inquires, meeting the contract specifications, handling project documents, in-process quality inspections, to meet delivery schedule and till the end product is erected satisfactorily.

Mazhar Steels Pvt (Ltd) has embraced the philosophy of Quality Assurance. Therefore, the quality of all products is ensured at all stages of the steel making process. This quality assurance process involves monitoring the quality throughout the whole production process. Mazhar Steels Labs are equipped with traditional chemical and mechanical analytical machines that includes WET LAB as well as OPTICAL EMISSION SPECTROMETER LAB.

After production and testing phase(through Labs) we use our own transportation to deliver the orders, to dispatch the produced billets in an accurate manner, before dispatching we check different important key points that must be accurate in billets and these are:





Random sampling.

Committed to Quality, Committed to you.